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We know the pressures caused by having to deliver to tight timeframes, under stressful unpredictable circumstances and inflexible budgets. Managers often find themselves feeling stretched and unsupported as they try to look after their teams. Teams need to feel connected, supported and free to be themselves in the workplace. This will allow everyone to operate at their best and ultimately produce better work. On this page you will find a range of wellbeing resources for employers that can help to create a supportive environment and start important conversations around wellbeing and mental health.


“Those working in Production and Development appeared to face acute risk factors for their mental wellbeing at work, including extreme working hours, high levels of bullying, and high incidence of sexual harassment compared with averages across the survey”
The Looking Glass Report

We have created the Whole Picture Toolkit to support people at all levels of production, and to help managers and senior production and creative leaders to look after their team’s mental health and wellbeing. By acknowledging the culture and working conditions that have been shown to impact on our industry’s mental health, the Toolkit provides tools, guidance, and resources to help mitigate against some of those pressures.

Easy to navigate and completely free to use, The Whole Picture Toolkit offers practical solutions for production companies to help improve working practices in the industry. You can use the toolkit during pre-production planning, filming, and right up until the end of post-production. By having access to our Toolkit, everyone can create a supportive and mentally healthy environment for their teams. We have a Toolkit team that is also there to handhold your production and guide you as to which elements of the Toolkit are most relevant for your specific production.

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Download our wellbeing resources for employers and add them to call sheets, post them on set or on the back of the loo door, so everyone knows how to access free and confidential support.

If you want further help to prioritise the mental health of your team at work, we have collated these additional resources:

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  • HR ToolkitScreenSkills’ advice and resources for employers and hirers in film and TV on fair and transparent recruitment processes and the importance of good onboarding, feedback and offboarding.
  • Conflict at work  – This CIPD guide will help you proactively identify and manage conflict at work. It covers the people management skills you need to become part of the solution to resolving workplace conflict.

In partnership with ScreenSkills and other industry experts, we’ve developed guidance relating to mental health training for employers, freelancers and anyone with line management responsibilities. The guidance is designed to provide a framework or overview of the different areas of training that could be considered when putting together a mental health training plan for staff and/or freelance teams. 

  • Mental Health at Work is a great source of ideas, examples, resources, tips and guides on all sorts of aspects of workplace mental health, bringing together the expertise of organisations form across the UK.
  • Mind have produced a wealth of easy and practical resources including this guide (produced for the electronic music industry, with lots of relevant content). They have lots of further resources are available, including this guide on how to have conversations about mental health and wellbeing and well as outlining simple, practical and inexpensive steps any organisation can take to support staff with mental health – whether they’re stressed or have a diagnosed mental health condition. This short video by Mind and the Film and TV Charity gives top tips on how to create a safe, open workplace and encourage conversations about mental health 
  • Rethink Mental Illness provides a guide to rights at work for people with a mental illness.
  • BITC designed a great tool to to support employers in their response to the suicide of an employee, at work or outside the workplace.
  • 6 ft From The Spotlight combines industry knowledge with expertise on mental health, wellbeing, leadership and employment law experts to deliver training and support to your production and crew. Check out their Workplace Wellbeing Policy template.
  • Call It! is an entirely anonymised app to record the daily treatment of workers via a simple traffic-light system, allowing them to make a note of any incidents of workplace bullying and harassment. It is designed to increase productivity at work and decrease absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover by supporting staff and freelancers’ mental health and wellbeing.
  • Raising Films have produced guidelines, suggestions on how to make the full life-span of a production fully inclusive for parents and/or carers.
  • Leapers provide a range of services to help organisations be freelance friendly and do their best work together in a supportive way.


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