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The Whole Picture Toolkit

We want you to see the whole picture when it comes to managing the mental health and wellbeing of your production team.

We have created the Whole Picture Toolkit to support people at all levels of production, and to support Managers and Senior Creative leaders to look after their team’s mental health. You can use the toolkit during pre-production planning, filming, and right up until the end of post-production. By having access to our Toolkit, everyone can create a supportive and mentally healthy environment for their teams.

We know red tape and additional form filling can seem overwhelming, and we understand how much already goes into production planning. But by supporting your team’s mental health, you won’t just see happier, more productive teams, you’ll be making positive mental health practices an industry standard.

Easy to navigate and completely free to use, The Whole Picture Toolkit offers practical solutions for production companies to help improve working practices in the industry. By acknowledging the culture and working conditions that have been shown to impact our industry’s mental health, the Toolkit provides tools, guidance, and resources to help mitigate against some of those pressures.

Start seeing the whole picture and take a look at our Whole Picture Toolkit today.


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What’s in the Whole Picture Toolkit?

Designed to give you a clear understanding of the whole picture, we’ve divided the toolkit into three clear sections: Pre-Production, Production and Post-production. Each section starts with a description of what you need to know followed by a list of actions you can take.


How does it work?

You can use the Toolkit chronologically, or it can be used in an ad hoc way. Whatever stage of production you’re at, use it your way. There is a useful resource section with links to all the templates and third-party information contained within the toolkit.


Support we give you 

There is direct support on offer from the Charity’s Toolkit team. We support you by meeting with your production team and talk through the requirements of your show to recommend which resources would work best for your production. Then, we arrange for a mid-point check-in and a wrap-up debrief to help you review what’s worked well and where there may be room for improvements.

For more information and support on using the Toolkit you can contact our team directly at [email protected]

What we don’t support

  • Mental health of contributors.
  • Regulating behaviour or compliance with the Toolkit and external resources.
  • Individual mental health issues.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t use our support for emergency contact during production.

However, anyone working behind the scenes can call our Support Line on 0800 054 0000 for one-to-one support and advice. We can support you with conflicts, budgetary issues, HR or legal advice.


About the development of the Whole Picture Toolkit

The Toolkit maps existing standards and resources which are already in use within the industry.  Working with industry professionals the charity has also worked with the UK’s leading mental health charity, MIND, to co-design the written resources within the kit.

The Toolkit is also endorsed and co-funded by UK broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky, Disney, Banijay, WarnerMedia, Amazon, Paramount.


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