Survey of Arab, Jewish and Muslim colleagues

Understanding experiences relating to the conflict in Israel and Gaza on and after 7th October 2023 

We’ve published a report examining the results of our survey of Arab, Muslim, and Jewish workers affected by the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7th, 2023, the subsequent conflict in Gaza, and the unfolding humanitarian crisis that has followed.

The report measures the impact to mental health of the conflict on the people working in the media, often at the centre of how contentious issues are covered or communities portrayed. With 400 responses from people identifying as Jewish, Arab, or Muslim, the survey – conducted in December 2023 and January 2024 – highlights how the attacks and what has followed them has impacted the mental health and wellbeing of the vast majority of participants, with few feeling supported by their employers.

In many cases, the events in question have also surfaced a sense of discomfort in the workplace in relation to respondents’ religious and ethnic identity and has amplified previous experiences of discrimination. 

Overview of the report’s findings

94% of respondents experiences a deterioration in their mental health since 7th October 2023

Only 23% felt supported by their employers

51% believe the Industry is structurally and/​or systemically discriminatory towards their community

57% believe that views and behaviours hostile to their community are common in the industry 

Only 22% think that the industry is safe and welcoming for them

55% have experienced a deterioration in their sense of wellbeing at work since October 7th

Please note: the above data has been aggregated – the full report examines data from individual communities in more detail.

The Film and TV Charity used the survey data, and testimony from representatives from the industry’s Jewish, Muslim, and Arab communities, to convene roundtable sessions with senior representatives from broadcasters, production companies, industry bodies, as well as newsroom executives and organisational EDI leads. In those sessions, Jewish, Muslim, and Arab community representatives outlined what they wanted to see from those in positions of leadership.

A common thread was the need to prioritise training and improve cultural literacy to combat a lack of understanding, disturbing levels of hostility and a lack of safety being felt across all communities. 

The Film and TV Charity is now working with roundtable attendees and wider partners to explore a pan-industry response to the issues coming from the sessions and the survey data. As part of this work, the Charity and ScreenSkills are exploring support for new, industry-wide and industry-funded training. 

For questions about the report, please contact [email protected].

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