Personal and professional development

Coaching and resources to help you navigate barriers and make the most of your career. 
A camera operator is in a studio space that is being lit by a pink light. He is changing the lens on a film camera.

Managing a career behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema can be tough, especially if you’re also dealing with other challenges, or if you’re returning to the industry after a break. 

If you do feel as though something is preventing you from reaching your full potential, an important first step is to understand what that thing is. It could be that personal circumstances are making work more difficult, or that you’re not tapping into available support to make working life easier. 

Fortunately, we can help. As well as the tools and resources you will find throughout our website, you can speak to our trained team 24-hours a day through our Support Line. We can also offer more tailored support, including coaching with wellbeing at work. 

Urgent support

You can contact our helpful and supportive team any time, day or night.

Support with personal and professional development

  • Two women at a desk, one is in a wheelchair and the other standing by their side. They are both looking at the laptop screen.

    Coaching with work and wellbeing 

    Our adviser can help you address the barriers you may face if you are disabled, neurodivergent, have a health issue, care for a loved one, or face other complex challenges. Our specialist adviser can help with co-creating a personalised plan of action to get you where you need to be.

  • Confidence Booster 

    If you feel as though a lack of confidence is holding you back, it’s important to recognise and address the situation. You could be feeling uncertain after time away from the industry, or you need tips to grow into a new role. We’ve pulled together some practical tips to help you grow your self-confidence and take your career to the next level.

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    Industry opportunities and events 

    Current opportunities, events to attend, and much more from across the industry

  • A group of people are sat in an modern and bright office meeting space. One woman in a wheelchair is sat at the front, addressing the others.

    Industry communities and peer support 

    Organisations and groups that can help you build vital connections and supportive relationships.

Other support for you

  • Casual dressed man wearing glasses is sat in a coffee shop. He is making notes in a pad that he is holding.

    Financial support 

    We can help you find the right financial support, from one-off grants to help you in a crisis, to useful tools like our budget planner and benefits finder.

  • A young tattooed person is sitting on the floor with their back against a wooden slatted fence. They are looking out into the open and smiling.

    Mental health and wellbeing 

    Our experienced and empathetic team can give you immediate advice as well as more intensive guidance, including quick access to counselling and bullying and harassment advice and support.

  • Book a workspace at the Film and TV Charity 

    Our workspace in the heart of Soho is free for film, TV, and cinema industry workers to use. Book your space today!

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