Putting mental health at the heart of your production

The Whole Picture Toolkit team is here to help 
15 May 2024 
Headshot of Anna Mischon
Anna Mishcon is the Whole Picture Toolkit Executive at the Film and TV Charity

Working with the industry to put the Toolkit into practice

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and during what has been a period of industry fragility, remember that the Whole Picture Toolkit team is here to help. 

Many of you are working hard to deliver productions, which can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. However, by using our Toolkit, senior creatives and production heads can start to make small interventions that can positively shift the culture on a production and put mental health at the heart of the production process. 

The first step? Setting up a meeting with our Toolkit Engagement Producers. Below, you can find out how they have been working with the industry to put the Toolkit into practice and how the Toolkit has been used by productions already.

How our Engagement Producers can support you

Recently we’ve been working with ScreenSkills to deliver sessions focused on how both Scripted and Unscripted productions can make best use of the Toolkit. With webinars and workshops, we’ve shown the best practice approach, with a Mental Health Risk Assessment (MHRA) at its heart.” – Jess Cudlipp, Unscripted Engagement Producer.

I’m organising and speaking at events across the UK to raise awareness of the free resources and support available in the Toolkit. It’s inspiring to connect with people across the industry and discuss how to create change.” – Sophie Freeman, Scripted Engagement Producer. 

It’s been fascinating working directly with production companies big and small to help bolster the mental health and wellbeing support they offer across a wide variety of productions. Even the smallest change, like checking in with your team, can make the biggest difference.” – Matt Keyte, Unscripted Engagement Producer. 

For more information about booking a webinar with the Toolkit’s Engagement Producers, or if you’re interested in having them attend an upcoming event, please get in touch at [email protected].

The Toolkit in practice

The benefit using the Toolkit will bring to production is that in my case it allows me to speak openly about areas I need support whilst at work, and the production company I’m working for, it allows them to create a safe space and environment for me to share that with them.
Tolu Olurebi, Production Co-Ordinator at Three Arrows Media 
Headshot of Tolu Olurebi, Production Co-ordinator at Three Arrows Media.

Tolu Olurebi, Production Co-Ordinator at Three Arrows Media

This is the first time we’ve used the Toolkit; we are making sure there are boundaries when it comes to working hours and we are excited to see what impact it’s going to have. Ultimately, a mentally healthy production is a positive one.
Tom Norton, Series Producer at North One Television 
Headshot of Tom Norton, Series Producer from North One Television.

Tom Norton, Series Producer at North One Television

Whole Picture Toolkit

Learn more about how the Toolkit can benefit your production. If you have any other questions, get in contact with the team today at [email protected]