John Brabourne Awards

Guidance for Applications


The John Brabourne Awards (JBAs) is a talent development programme providing financial assistance up to £5000 to individuals working in the film and television industries*. The JBAs are a stepping stone for individuals who are talented and driven, but who have faced hurdles in developing their career.

Difficulties faced by JBA recipients in recent years have included:

• Lack of finances

• Accident

• Illness

• Personal circumstances preventing time or ability to work

This is not a definitive list and we welcome all enquiries to discuss your particular situation prior to application.



In order to qualify, candidates must demonstrate/provide the following:

• At least two years working in the Film and/or TV industries* (including aspects of digital broadcast**). This need not be consecutive

• A talent for their chosen field

• A genuine need of financial assistance and support to overcome hurdles

• A commitment to progress their career

• Two referees working professionally in the film and/or television industries. If relevant, one referee can be from an educational institution

• There no nationality limits, however your career focus should be primarily based within UK Film and/or TV at the time of applying



All completed application forms will be assessed on the following key criteria:

Talent, as demonstrated by:

• Your track record and examples of previous work

• Your personal connection to your work and how it relates to you as an individual

Financial need, as demonstrated by:

• A detailed submission of incomings/outgoings

• Declaration of any debts/arrears/loans

• Your ability to express how financial support will help to progress your career

Strength of proposal, as demonstrated by:

• Realistic, appropriate aims

• A clear rationale for why this particular proposal will help you to overcome the barriers you have experienced

• A convincing demonstration that you are able to deliver on the proposal

• If applicable, clear plans to raise any additional funding required to meet the proposed budget above the maximum £5000 on offer from the JBAs

• A clear vision for your career trajectory; aspirations for what you would like to achieve in the future



We take a holistic view of talent, meaning we recognise that the person and their professional pursuit are part of the same whole. As such, submissions which paint a clear picture of the individual applying tend to be more compelling. We are interested in the choices you have made to arrive at this point. We are interested in the difficulties, barriers and failures that you have endured. We are interested in why your chosen field matters to you as a person and your connection to your work. In combination with the above we also need a clear picture of the project you are pursuing and its potential, and how the JBAs can help bring it to fruition.


* Does not include front of camera work
** For example SVOD / FAANGS