Anti-Racism Action Partner

This role is closed for applications

A partner (individual or organisation) to lead a new Anti-Racism Action Platform for the film and TV industry

The Film and TV Charity is here to support everyone working in film and TV. Among our core goals we strive to promote wellbeing and equality. One of the ways we aim to do this is by reducing, preventing and discouraging discrimination in the film and TV industry and wider society. It is clear that racism is systemic within our film and TV industry – and in our wider society.

The professional and economic consequences of systemic racism are clear. People of colour are underrepresented throughout the industry, especially at senior levels, 1 and while attention has been focused on entry to the industry there are evident challenges with career progression and retention.

Additionally, there are psychological and emotional tolls. Racism is a form of trauma and can damage mental health and wellbeing. Of course, this can have professional consequences too, affecting people’s ability to do their jobs or causing them to leave the industry. Our Looking Glass survey last year showed that two-thirds of Black, Asian or minority ethnic2 people working in our industry had considered leaving due to concerns about their mental health; and 70% of Black men had been bullied3.

An Anti-Racism Action Platform

With the Whole Picture Programme for better mental health, the Film and TV Charity has already made the case for supporting wellbeing in our industry. We have been able to convene the different corners of our industry – uniting the people, activists, companies and institutions – acting as agents for change.

We now want to find a partner who can work with us to transpose this model to examine racism in our industry: bringing people together to jointly explore racism and co-design an industry-wide response. This will be an initial 6 month programme of activity to create a long term action plan to follow. We are calling this an Anti-Racism Action Platform for the film and TV industry.

This will be a process of the industry’s self-discovery; which enables a conversation between our Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues and the industry’s gatekeepers and decision makers. It will create a supportive space in which Black, Asian and minority ethnic voices and experiences own the centre and in which observations and ideas for change can be shared with those in a position to make change happen. The answers are not known but will emerge.

Our goal is to work collaboratively to help start to bring an end to systemic racism in film and TV. We believe this is one of the keys to unlocking racial diversity in our industry, for everyone’s benefit: supporting communities of colour in the collective work to dismantle the obstacles that prevent them from fulfilling their potential, and unleashing the creative and commercial benefits this will bring for businesses.

Our commitment

The Film and TV Charity is committing its resources to:

  • Invest in this partnership
  • Invest with the partner(s) a £50,000 fund for original research into racism in the industry, creating an evidence base for change
  • Connect with the Charity’s wide range of stakeholders – corporates, institutions and other organisations within the industry –decision-makers and gate-keepers who will be a crucial part of driving change
  • Make available to the partner(s) its support and mental health expertise, administrative and logistics support, communications and marketing resources
  • Invest in fundraising for the resulting action plan
  • Offer the full support of CEO Alex Pumfrey; as well as Director of Grants and Programmes Rachel Hillman, Director of Finance and Operations Alan de Sousa Caires and the senior leadership team; and our Trustees, and especially our Black Trustees Juliet Gilkes Romero and Joseph Adesunloye

The opportunity

We are appointing a new role to work in partnership with the Film and TV Charity to shape and lead a new Anti-Racism Action Platform, a six month programme of research, consultation and engagement work that will develop a concrete plan of action against racism in the film and TV industry.

This is a paid consultancy opportunity with flexible terms and we welcome applications from individuals, job-shares, collectives and organisations (who themselves may partner to combine skills).

You will:

  • Appoint a research partner to help us better understand and measure interpersonal, structural and systemic racism in the film and TV industry.
  • Curate and deliver a series of up to four public-facing Roundtable discussions with industry leaders.
  • Working with the Charity’s support and mental health expertise, complement the public Roundtables with private spaces in which Black, Asian and minority ethnic can be supported and support one another.
  • Author a set of recommendations addressed to the industry and to the Charity for improving the experiences of non-white workers in film, TV and cinema, in the knowledge that the Charity will use these recommendations to catalyse a major antiracism project to include concrete actions and measurable change

As detailed above, you will have the full support and commitment of the Film and TV Charity’s leadership, team and resources.

Candidates will be:

  • A person or people with experience of racism and ideally with experience in anti-racist practice
  • Knowledgeable about the film and television industry; probably having worked within it for an extended period of time
  • Passionate about the industry and its ability to change and improve
  • Able to demonstrate skills and experience required to lead this work, although directly comparable experience is not required – we recognise and value transferable skills/experience and the creativity and entrepreneurialism of workers in our sector.

What happens afterwards?

This 6 month programme of work is just the beginning. It will provide the evidence and define the plan against which we will fundraise for longer term change. By embarking on this work we are also committing to following through and the work of the next phase.


This role is closed for applications

Many thanks for your interest in this work.



1 ScreenSkills Annual Assessment 2019; Ofcom (2019), Diversity and Equal Opportunities in Television (2019); CAMEo (2018) Workforce Diversity in the UK Screen Sector: Evidence Review. 2 We recognise the problematic nature of the ‘BAME’ definition which tends to be used by institutions to aggregate the differentiated experiences of a wide variety of individuals who may identify as Black (principally African and Caribbean), Asian (and many sub-groups of Asian), Mixed race, and many other ethnic minority communities. We use the term where we reference its use elsewhere, and try to minimise the acronym elsewhere, and sometimes substituting ‘communities of colour’, but are open to the discussion of the most appropriate language. 3 The Looking Glass, published February 2020, did not ask direct questions about experiences of racism as possible underlying causes of these mental health outcomes, an omission which will be corrected in the new research that forms part of this plan.