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How we’ve designed the ambitious, evidence-based movement for change

Back in 2019, we invited everyone working in film, TV or cinema to tell us about their mental health as part of ground-breaking Looking Glass research into the wellbeing of people in our industry.

We published the findings from this research in 2020. In response, we put into motion an ambitious, evidence-based action plan, the Whole Picture Programme, our movement for improving mental health in our industry.

What did we see?

The scale of the problem faced by our industry is beyond what we could have imagined. 9 in 10 of you have experienced a mental health problem.

The personal testimonies and underlying causes, including widespread bullying, were shocking. They’ve given us a sense of responsibility and strengthened our commitment to driving long-lasting, sustainable change. Our work on this continues and we’ll share the findings from the latest research with you soon.

Watch our short film “REFLECTIONS” for some real-life stories from the research:



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Whole Picture Programme Report

How we're turning data into a pioneering, industry-led movement for better mental health in film, TV and cinema.

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Looking Glass Report

The results of the survey into Mental health in the UK film, TV and cinema industry, collated by the Work Foundation

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