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Bullying in all its forms can be incredibly damaging. If it’s happened to you or you’ve seen it happen to others, it’s probably affected your mental health. Replaying things in your mind over and over again can make you feel worse, so our specialist support services are there to empower you to take positive action, for yourself or others. 

Take the first steps

Anyone can be the target of bullying. It may be deeply personal criticism, abusive behaviour or gaslighting. You might face specific types of harassment, such as racism, homophobia, sexism or ableism. Whether it looks like this or something else, we’re here to help figure it out.

We have two support services to help you to stay in control and decide what to do next:

Spot is a clever new tool we’ve tweaked to help you make a record of the crucial details and organise your thoughts. Each record remains confidential within the system; it’s not accessible by us or anyone else. You can decide whether to act on it later.

Our Bullying Advice Service is a dedicated support for people who work in our industry, available free through The Film and TV Support Line on 0800 054 00 00. Ask to book an appointment to talk through your thoughts and experiences and get guidance on what to do next — from raising the issue formally or informally, to legal advice or counselling options.

Don’t feel like talking? Use our Anti-Bullying Directory to look at what other kinds of guidance and support are out there for those in our industry.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Nearly 9 in 10 workers told us they’ve experienced or watched bullying or harassment happen. 


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The British Sign Language team are available 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday.
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Welcome to the Film and Television Charity. Calls are recorded for the purposes of quality and staff training. This is a confidential service, however, there are some exceptions to this and these are where there may be a risk to your own health and safety, that of others or if you have been involved in a crime. An advisor will be with you shortly, Thank You.

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Record what’s happened with Spot

Lots of people find it helps to keep a record of bullying, harassment, micro-aggression or discrimination. We’ve created an industry-specific version of Spot, a digital recording tool, to help you do just that.

Start a record
If a colleague’s behaviour has made you feel uncomfortable, we're here to support you. Please get in touch, we can help you think through your next steps.
Justine, Bullying Advisor

When you visit Spot, a helpful chatbot will guide you through the process of writing down what’s happened or what you’ve seen or heard, including all the details you might need later. 

 As well as defining bullying and different types of harassment, Spot will also help you to save other things that could be useful, like screenshots or emails, creating a completely confidential digital record that you can download as a PDF and share later — if you decide to take things further (which is up to you). 

 Spot can still help you: 

  • Notice patterns of behaviour 
  • Process what has happened 
  • ‘File’ the experience to give your mind a break  

Remember, you can access all our Bullying Support Services by calling 0800 054 00 00 or starting a live chat

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Directory of Anti-Bullying Resources

A collated directory of resources to help you if you've experienced or witnessed bullying, or are trying to prevent it in the industry.

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