Leading change

Transforming our industry from the inside out

It’s time to make it work 

Supporting people working behind the scenes in film and TV isn’t just about providing services that can help, it’s also about making working life better. 

Whether that’s by researching mental health and wellbeing within our industry, focusing on the experience of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues, or by teaming up with broadcasters, producers, studios and other industry bodies to challenge unhealthy working culture, The Film and TV Charity is at the forefront of a movement for change.

Everything we do is based on evidence and insight. We are always ready to ask difficult questions and, crucially, to bring the whole industry together to take action that has real impact.

How is change coming?

Promoting diversity

We’re focusing on reducing, preventing and discouraging discrimination, and barriers people face because of their background or identity.

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Better mental health

Inspired by our extensive research, positive steps are being taken to tackle the mental health crisis in our industry. You can get involved.

Delve into mental wellbeing

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