The Film and TV Charity asks everyone in the industry to act now to support better mental health

Complete the 2022 Looking Glass Survey to help support better mental health in the industry. 
6 June 2022 
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The Film and TV Charity has launched a brand-new campaign, challenging everyone in film, TV, and cinema to support better mental health in the industry by completing the 2022 Looking Glass Survey and by donating to support the charity’s services. 

The rationale is clear – individuals who take part in the third iteration of the Looking Glass Survey are contributing to the insight the charity needs to continue developing its services to support mental health and wellbeing, commenced due shocking statistics uncovered by the first Looking Glass report in 2019.

Furthermore, all donations made by individuals and organisations across the industry will help to ensure that the charity can continue to deliver support that has already benefited thousands of people working in film, TV, and cinema.

The first Looking Glass Survey in 2019 sent a stark warning that there was a mental health emergency happening behind the scenes in film, TV, and cinema. With 9 in 10 respondents to that survey stating that they had experienced a mental health problem, the charity focused its attention on supporting everyone in the industry. Following the 2019 survey, the Film and TV Charity bolstered the support it offered through its free, confidential, and completely independent 24/7 Film and TV Support Line with the launch of its Bullying Advice Service, a Freelancer Wellbeing Hub, and a host of practical tools and resources.

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Support services for the film, TV and cinema industry

From financial advice and guidance to support with mental health and wellbeing, find out more about our services.

A further Looking Glass Survey in 2021, commissioned to capture how film, TV, and cinema workers were responding to the challenges presented by the pandemic, saw that just 1 in 10 people agree that the industry was a mentally healthy place to work. However, there were also signs of a tide turning, with respondents recognising that conversations around mental health, culture, and working conditions were starting to take root. Since then, the charity has also launched further interventions, including its Whole Picture Toolkit, a free online resource providing UK productions with a framework to create a mentally healthy workplace.

With behaviour change at the heart of its ambitions, as evidenced by its recent Let’s Reset campaign, the findings of the 2022 Looking Glass Survey will provide the charity, its partners, and stakeholders with the impetus for further, sustainable change throughout the whole industry.

Alex Pumfrey, CEO at The Film and TV Charity, said It’s the third time we are asking people to complete the Looking Glass Survey and we are hopeful that people from every corner of the industry will do so to help us understand how we can continue to support every one of them, regardless of what stage of their career they may be at. The first two surveys gave us the data and the insight to understand what was needed and, although progress has been made over the last three years, we know there is much more to be done. What’s more, donating to support us in delivering those services is an act of generosity we know all of our beneficiaries are incredibly grateful for.

We’re asking everyone across film, TV, and cinema to take on this challenge by sharing the survey with their colleagues; tell us how you are feeling and what you need. And while we completely understand that many are feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis at the moment, donations from those who are able to help can make a powerful difference to so many people working behind the scenes.”

The survey is part of the Charity’s ongoing commitment to supporting mental health, tracking changes in attitudes, and spotting areas of either improvement or decline. To ensure the survey is representative, the Charity is asking everyone working behind the scenes, from commissioners to camera operators, directors to cinema projectionists, and in every corner of the UK, to complete the survey and share it with their colleagues.

The 2022 Looking Glass Survey has now closed.

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Looking Glass 22 Report

Nearly 2,000 of you responded to 2022’s Looking Glass Survey, the third since 2019 when the Film and TV Charity uncovered a mental health emergency in the UK film and TV sector.

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