Going Places

About the awards

Going Places helps to ensure that where you live doesn’t stand in the way of a sustainable career.

The award helps to level the playing field by offsetting some of the extra travel-related costs that arise because of the distance between where someone lives and where they have to go to maintain their career.

The fund offers awards from £100 up to a maximum of £1,500 per person per year, to help meet travel, accommodation and other subsistence costs incurred in accessing opportunity and ensuring professional security. That could be interviews for work, pitching for commissions, maintaining professional networks, undertaking high quality professional training, or developing projects at a point when no funding is available.

Are you eligible?

Going Places is open to anyone with two years of professional experience (consecutive or cumulative) gained in any behind-the-camera role in film, television or exhibition. At our discretion, some of that experience may be in unpaid work, like internships or work placements, but these must have been conducted in a professional setting.

Applicants are also expected to have an income of under £20,000 per annum (£25,000 within the M25), though we also consider those who are facing other kinds of financial risk.

We’re looking for applications which show a clear and realistic set of goals for the supported activity, and make a convincing case about how the achievement of these goals will move the applicant’s career forward and ultimately help them to achieve professional security.

What we can’t support

Some things that Going Places can’t support:

  • Going Places only covers geographically-related costs, so anything that someone would have to pay for regardless of where they live is ineligible. This includes tickets for training and events, and the costs of entertaining.
  • Going Places is not a travel-to-work scheme and cannot support costs incurred in existing employment.
  • Going Places cannot be used to supplement production/project budgets; we will only consider very early-stage development meetings, where no other source of public or private funding is available
  • Going Places cannot support costs associated with longer-term full-time education or training

Check our Guidance Notes for more about Going Places, including fund rules and eligibility, how we assess applications, and how payments work.