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Every year, our busy team helps thousands of people to overcome personal and professional obstacles. With our help, they’re able to rebuild their confidence, get past a crisis, develop new skills and realise dream projects.

Looking back over the last financial year, here are just some of the ways that support from people like you has helped support colleagues across the film, TV and cinema industries.

A year in numbers

What are people saying?

“You are an amazing lot and have my unending thanks and admiration” – Adele, Art Director

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How we help

Over £1 million

In 2018, we gave over £1.35m in financial aid and talent development awards to individuals seeking support

Urgent calls for help

Our 24/7 Support Line has responded to over 3,500 calls and messages. Every one is different and our team looks for creative and meaningful ways to help.

Ground-breaking mental health project

The Film and TV Charity commissioned a ground-breaking research project, The Looking Glass study, to look closely at mental health in the film and TV industry in the UK. It was conducted by The Work Foundation as a wide-ranging piece of research comprising a rapid-evidence review, a workforce survey, qualitative interviews and consultation with an industry forum.

In July 2019, we completed the first part of this research with an online survey. It explored topics including working hours and patterns; work intensity and job security; working culture; alcohol use; finances, experiences of mental health problems and subjective wellbeing and experiences of accessing support.

In just 3 weeks, nearly 9,000 people completed the survey. We were staggered with this response. It’s been a wake-up call for us.

We now know that our sector is facing a mental health crisis. The response demonstrates the remarkable depth of feeling about mental health. We’re now focusing on bringing the industry together to tackle this issue, and we’re building high-level engagement from major film studios, cinema chains, broadcasters and production outfits.


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